Tongue exercises.

Hi everyone!

I had a client today who was in need of some tongue exercises to help improve her speech. I couldn’t find a video that fitted what I wanted for her so I have made one here:


Why do we do tongue exercises?

To improve the strength and flexibility of the tongue


When do we do tongue exercises?

When we need to improve tongue strength and/or flexibility to improve speech or eating.

There are lots of components to speaking and eating, of which the tongue is just one. If you are having difficulties with using your tongue for speaking or eating, these exercises may help.


How do we do tongue exercises?

It depends on whether you are trying to improve strength or flexibility.


  1. Put your hand on your cheek and try to push it away with your tongue.
  2. Hold something on the roof of your mouth using your tongue. A Smartie works really well for this exercise.

Range of movement

  1. Move tongue in & out
  2. Move tongue up & down
  3. Move tongue side to side
  4. Lick around your lips
  5. Lick around your teeth


If you are having problems with your speech or mealtimes, please see a Speech Pathologist who will be able to tell you if these are appropriate for you.